Thursday, December 20, 2012

Amazing Book I am currently reading.....The Virgin Diet

I have had a several months of all work and no writing and have missed blogging.  I have to share with you abou this amazing book I am currently reading. Check out The Virgin Diet at

I can tell you that what JJ has written about in this book is EXACTLY what we teach our patients at  Cool Springs Family Medicine on a daily basis! Cut out the gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs, sugar/yeast, peanuts and you being to see the gut heal and the weight come off. As well as the joint pain, fatigue, foggy headedness, bloating and many other symptoms begin to resolve! Add digestive enzymes, probiotics and eventually IgG good sensitivity testing to the treatment and people begin the journey to health and healing.

As healthcare providers, we have to begin to address the root of the these chronic illnesses we see on a daily basis. And personally I believe that the gut is starting point.  It's true that a week gut equals a weak immune system. The research is abundant on the gut and brain connection.

Looking forward to finishing this book and writing a blog!!  Ask for this book for won't regret it.  A client at the hair salon I was in today overheard me telling my stylist about the book and beginning to clean up her diet...the client asked to see the book (since I had it in my bag for reading under the dryer), when she gave it back she said she felt like it was "written just for her"..... I believe it, and you will too!  I don't know JJ Virgin, and I certainly don't make a penny on promoting her book, but I would hope she would do the same had I written the book and she believed in it as much as I do!

I am finishing this book by the weekend so I can get this next blog written and get the word out to my patients that hear me speak on this daily!!

Happy reading!

Blessings, Dani

Integrative Family Medicine