Sunday, October 26, 2014

My first stab at Lord, I hope it gets easier!

WARNING: This blog could be detrimental to your opinion of me, but this event that happened is too funny not to share! So read it at your own risk, or if you want a good laugh…..

I did something last week I swore I would never do (although I did sign up briefly 1 year ago, and quickly stopped my subscription).  I signed up on, at the advice of a patient of mine who met, married and moved away with the love of her life after meeting him on Match.  She told me how Internet dating is for people like me who are busy and don’t have time to get out to meet and mingle with other single men.  She pumped me up on all the reasons I should give it one more shot and this time open my horizons to a “nationwide” search versus a “regional” search.  
After taking the time to write a glowing, yet honest bio of myself and what I am looking for in a relationship; I promptly filled out all of the “qualities” I was looking for in a Match.  I love bald headed men; check, I DO NOT want small children in the mix: check, I would prefer he be a widower or at least 5 years divorced; check, preferably makes more money than me; check, Christian, check, no smoking; check, sense of humor, check……added my recent big red 80’s hair photos to the mix and I hit submit…….
I promptly get a notice that says not ONE match is out there for me with those qualities!!  “No matches are found, maybe you should broaden your qualities”…..I read that to say LOWER YOUR STANDARDS… I added they could have hair (I didn’t change that I preferred the ex-wife be deceased (don’t’ judge me….have you ever dealt with an angry/jealous ex of a boyfriend? or they make less money than me)…salt and pepper, gray etc…the basic hair colors…BINGO….thousands of matches nationwide with hair!   Now, I am set and apparently ready to go LIVE with my search for love, friendship, marriage, etc….
Within an hour, the “winks, likes and emails” start coming in.   I am still a doubter on this and amused at the responses I am getting…some are not at all what I put on my profile…….
Fast forward to yesterday….I decided to meet this guy for coffee and so I did.  He shows up looks fine, is half bald (but not in a bad way), tall and slim.  Is an excellent conversationalist (if you know me, that’s important), raised Baptist (as was I), good job, a 12 year old son he shares custody of with his ex.  Who is alive and they get along well he says……she is a hairdresser in Cool Springs off of Mallory Lane……that immediately caught my attention…so after a game of 20 questions…..and we narrowed down the salon’s name….then I asked HER NAME….
HOLY CRAP…his ex-wife is MY hairdresser and Ella’s as well!!  I nearly snorted out my Chai Latte and ran out of the building!  Of the thousands of men (I should of stood my ground and stayed with bald men) I matched up with the qualities I had listed….first out of the gate I go out with is MY HAIRDRESSERS EX HUSBAND!!!  No stinking way is this ever going to work out!  His exact words were “will that be a problem”?
YOU DARN RIGHT that’s a problem…if I have to choose between a Match date and my hairdresser (the one who controls my color, cut and style of my hair)….I choose my hairdresser…case closed! 

We had a great time, he asked me to go canoeing soon and we left it at that!  I immediately called my hairdresser and told her what had happened!  We laughed and she encouraged me to move forward….not sure about that! 
I am sure my patient is correct, I won’t meet a date in my work; where I treat mainly women with hormone, thyroid and adrenal problems. I love my church, but it’s full of younger people. There are no men where I work out at Releve’ One and I am too tired to get back out when I get home and fix dinner, do laundry, check on the kids etc everyday……good thing I am not looking to get married anytime soon (or maybe never).  Because this whole internet dating thing is difficult!  I think to be successful at it, one has to commit to spending time (time I am not sure I want to give up) on the hunt.
It’s entertaining and I do love a good laugh……and certainly got one yesterday afternoon at a table for 2 in a coffee shop in Nolensville.  I have no idea if we will ever see each other again (he did text afterwards) or take off canoeing one day…..but I do know it was the hair that he noticed first on my profile (and commented on as well), and it may be the hair that detours the prospect of a relationship as well!  I love a risk (have taken a few lately)…….but not sure I am up to this!  It took me 8 years of driving back and forth to Paducah for Lisa Holt to do my hair every month, before I was brave enough to find a stylist here….
I may lower my standards and add men with hair to my qualities I am looking for…but, the hairdresser is not negotiable!! I can’t wait to hear what she has to say about all of this next month when I get settled in to spend 3 hours in the chair as she does her magic…magic I am not willing to give up currently for some man.
I happened to have had a good hair day yesterday, and as he was leaving…he shouted out “great hair Dani, who does it”?  HA!  Sense of humor; check!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


October 8, 2014

Dear IFM family,

The past 2 months have been a whirlwind of blessings and new challenges for me and my family.  Since leaving my last job on August 11 I began an exhaustive 600 page credentialing process with Blue Cross that was to take only 2 months.  Tammy has worked like a champion in that process putting countless hours and late nights (as we all have) to provide me the “privilege” of taking BCBS.  Since I was not credentialed at my last job, this was a necessity.  Three weeks from the time BCBS stated everything was progressing smoothly with credentialing and my supervising MD, I set reasonable fees for non-BCBS patients and opened my doors with their assurance of the process. And the added assurance that any patient I saw with BCBS, I would be able to submit claims to BCBS for payment after credentialing was completed.

              Almost 1 month into practice (7 weeks after beginning the credentialing process) while Tammy was continuing follow-up with their progress, they informed her that (even though this is MY practice) the MD who supervises and collaborates in difficult cases must also be in network with BCBS.  Despite continual phone calls and status updates, this information was not delivered to us until 2 days before a deadline (Monday night) leaving us inadequate time to find a replacement MD.  To top it off, this change went into effect after we began credentialing so there was no way of knowing ahead of time. 

              Despite thinking through every possible scenario and willing MD’s to supervise me, we are unable to secure an MD and get the paperwork processed through the BCBS system in time.  It is devastating to me and my staff to have put so much effort, time, and financial resources into this hoop jumping endeavor all to be treated this unethically and put in a very uncomfortable position both financially and emotionally.  My decision to start my own practice would not have changed one bit, but I certainly would have put my efforts into more productive patient related matters (not the hoop jumping we have all done the past few months). 

              So what does this mean for my beloved patients?  If you do not have BCBS this has no bearing whatsoever.  If you do have BCBS do not worry.  You will not receive a bill from us for our services rendered for past appointments. If you have an appointment tomorrow (Friday October 9, 2014), I will still honor it for whatever your copay is.  It is unethical to tell you it will be covered and come back on you if it is not.  However, from here out I have to proceed without accepting BCBS and utilizing the fee schedule as I do for my non-BCBS patients already.  I am heartbroken to deliver this news to those with BCBS who put their faith in me from the beginning.  Your lab coverage will not change and you may file your own insurance if you wish as this is for MY services only.  Tammy will help you with that process. 

              God has blessed me beyond words with an amazing staff, incredible patients, and a peace of mind that has stayed with me through this entire transition.  It is time to focus on patients and not jumping through unrealistic and unethical insurance hoops.  I completely understand if finances prohibit you from being able to stick with our original treatment plan/frequency.  We will do whatever we can to find a way to work with you as we do our current non-BCBS patients.  If that means only seeing you 2x a year or less, we will work hard to find a middle ground for all of us.

              For those of you seeing Dr. Myers, he will continue to take BCBS since he was credentialed before the transition.  Please share this information with anyone you know who has an appointment and BCBS.  It makes me sick to think this will causes a disruption in the care of someone who needs it, but please know that we have done everything possible based on what BCBS told our certified biller with 13+ years of experience.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  As much chaos as it has been, I am excited and energized to move forward and continue walking with you on your healthcare journey.  Thank you for your patience and understanding with this sensitive matter. 

Fees are as listed:
New Patient: 275.00 for 90 minutes
Follow Up: 150.00 for 30 minutes
Phone Consults: 150.00 30 minutes



Dani Williamson  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What a difference 2 weeks turning dreams into reality!!!

Wow! What a difference 2 weeks makes! This time 2 weeks ago, I had given my 3 week notice to my former employer and 8 hours later went from being employed to self-employed in the simple act of turning in my key.  The same key that I had used for almost 4 ½ years to unlock the back door every morning. The same key that started my journey on the quest to learn as much as I could on the practice of balancing traditional and Integrative Medicine by one of the greatest mentors I have ever had.  I will be forever grateful for that opportunity.
This time 2 weeks ago, Jackson’s phone was ringing like crazy and I was in shock for multiple reasons.   I had no idea that people would actually call for an appointment, and I had promised Jackson 5.00 for every appointment he actually scheduled!!  As Jeannetta Hitt said “one for the record books”. That night two weeks ago yesterday, was a game changer for me.  The past two weeks have been humbling, frustrating, lightning speed and so very fulfilling as I have watched a practice go from dream to reality in record time! Patients bringing food, donating office supplies and showing up to help do anything they could do to help me and the kids.  We went from an empty office building to a space that feels like “home”, and very peaceful.  I hope you feel so as well.
Jackson has listened to over 400 women and some men tell him things I am sure he never dreamed of.  He now knows that I have actually been going to work at 5:45 most days of the week for the past 4+ years and building relationships with people, and a foundation that is solid.  He has a clearer sense of what I do for a living now.  He knows that my patients are like family to me, and I to many of them.  He knows now, why I do what I do. He is invested in this practice now, and that makes me proud.  More than anyone will ever know.  Ella started school, but has helped so much by typing in emails as well.  She has not listened to patients, but she knows how important this transition is for us as a family.
I scheduled a “soft opening” this week to work out the kinks that would need to be worked out.  Thank goodness I did that. I have seen 9 patients the past 2 days and feel like I am a brand new NP!  It is amazing how much you don’t know you need when you start a practice like this!  This week will be spent working on the flow and making it smooth for September 2 when we open full force! I saw my first patient yesterday. It was as nerve wrecking as it was 4 years ago!  We have no internet, no fax, no landline, very few supplements, the scale is weighing 8 lbs light (good news for all of us), paper charting until our EMR is transitioned, no sign out front yet and yet we have survived!!  I left at 7 pm tonight and felt a sense of peace, even in the chaos.  Amazing isn
t it? 
No insurance, no retirement, no paycheck guaranteed, still owe 193,000 in student loans to Vanderbilt, longer hours and more stress than I had 2 weeks ago….but I have a smile on my face and a determination that is solid! An amazing group of family, friends, and patients that are rooting for Integrative Family Medicine to succeed.  I am at peace. 
Thank you for your patience during this transition. I promise you that I will do my best to walk with you on your healthcare journey. I am looking forward to spending more time with you in appointments and really digging deep to find the root of what is going on.  I am honored to be called your healthcare provider, and have learned so much from all of you the past 4+ years!  I suspect September will be full of surprises and kinks, so just be patient!  I promise it will be worth the hassle!

Onward and Upward,

You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.

Jim Rohn

Monday, August 11, 2014

Effective Immediately I am no longer associated with Cools Springs Family Medicine

I am excited to announce that as of September 2, 2014 I will be in private practice of my own.  I will be venturing out on my own, after 4+ amazing years with an office that laid the groundwork for me to be able to take the chance on opening a practice of my own.  After many months of praying for guidance and planning I have decided to step out into the unknown and take a chance that I will be able to make a living while supporting my children and balancing my work and personal life. I apologize to anyone I was scheduled to see the next 3 weeks. I gave my notice today, and was not expecting to be told a notice wasn’t necessary.  On the flipside of that, my sudden departure allows me to spend the next 3 weeks getting my office set up, specialty labs ordered in, the supplement store set up and scheduling finessed.

Integrative Family Medicine, LLC will officially be open to see patients on September 2, 2014. The primary focus will be on gut health, thyroid conditions (with an interest in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis), hormonal balancing, adrenal health and autoimmune issues.  The endocrine system is my passion and I intend focus on that alone with the gut for this practice. 

I fully support the transition that Cool Springs Family Medicine is making into a direct pay practice.  As the years have progressed, providers are being forced to see more patients, spend less time with them and are being reimbursed less and less.  I have a fellow NP friend who was paid 8.00 recently (from insurance) on a visit that also involved an injection. This kind of treatment from insurance companies, is forcing us to work longer hours seeing more patients while receiving record lows in reimbursements.  IFM will be a hybrid clinic for at least the first year.  Meaning that we will only take Blue Cross and Blue Shield. No Medicare, Medicaid, or any other insurance. Those patients without BC/BS will be direct pay patients. And will be given a Super Bill to file your own insurance with at the end of the visit.  The rates are fair and listed below.  My goal is to transition to a full direct pay practice in 12-18 months.

This model of care allows me to spend from 1- 1/2 hours with you during the initial visit and 30-45 minutes during the follow up.  This allows us to take an extremely detailed history, discuss lifestyle changes and focus on the “root cause” of your illness.  All the while having time to EDUCATE, EMPOWER AND ENCOURAGE you to take the steps needed to begin to heal your body from the INSIDE OUT. By spending more time up front on the initial visit, we can get as much accomplished as approximately 5-6 follow up visits.  Imagine, being able to dive right in to finding the “root” cause of your illness?
My goal is to see no more than 12 patients a day, limiting my new patients to 3.   And again, you will be given a statement that you can file with your insurance company for reimbursement.

I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life.  Words can’t tell you how scared I am, uncertain of the future and excited for all God has in store for me and my children! I am asking that you pray for me and those involved in helping me succeed (and there are many). Pray for favor as well in building a practice whose main focus is on QUALITY and not QUANITY in terms of patients seen.  I am stepping out in faith that God has my back and will provide for me during this uncertain time. If I don’t take this opportunity NOW I feel like I am failing myself, my patients, and my God.  Therefore, at the age of 48, once again I am shaking up my life and starting fresh. This time with no safety net, no health insurance, no retirement and no guarantee of a paycheck! I can’t tell you how vulnerable I feel right now! 

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please call
615- 944-3529 for the 2 weeks while my office manager recovers from a thyroidectomy (how ironic is that). Jackson is my son, and will take good care of you! He is excited about this next season in our life.  And will be helping out in the office when he finishes class most days.

Thank you for all the emails, texts and calls today while I was working. For those of you that continue care with me at IFM, I am honored. For those of you that are not able to, it has been a pleasure and an honor to have been a part of your healthcare journey the past 4 + years. 



Integrative Family Medicine
330 Mallory Station Road
Suite B3
Franklin, TN 37067
Tammy Breece ,Office Manager

Jackson Hobgood, Scheduling until August 24
615 944-3529

7:00 AM- 5:00 PM
6:00 AM-4:00 PM
6:00 AM-12:00 PM




I will not be drawing labs in the office.  If you have labs already scheduled at CSFM, I can give you a lab order 2 weeks prior to your visit and you can take them to QUEST OR LABCORP~or anywhere you want to have them drawn.  Or call CSFM and see if you can have them drawn there. Just make sure you have a copy of them in your hands when you come for your appointment! 

Please be patient with us!  I was not expecting such overwhelming support and Jackson has 40 voicemails right now to return and the VM is 100% full. 

You can email him at with your name, phone number and any questions you have.  He will email you back ASAP! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Just had to share an experience I had with my last patient.  A 20 year old college student who came to see me in October 2013 with a complain of sudden onset of severe headaches and GI pain with nausea, vomitting x 3 months.  She got new glasses thinking it would help her headaches. It did not.  Saw the MD at school and all labs were WNL as well as diabetes labs.  Her mother is a patient of mine and sent her to me to evaluate.  

She was not gluten free, ate fast foods and pasta.  Basically, a typical college diet.  Had not been able to determine if her headaches/n/v were food related or not.  Didn't think they were.  Struggling with fatigue as well.  

I immediately took her off of all gluten, dairy, soy, corn, yeast, eggs, peanuts, The Virgin Diet.  Drew labs and Immuno Labs food sensitivity testing checking IgG antibodies to 96 foods.  

At her 6 week f/u in December she had only had 2 headaches since our last visit.  Her Vit. D level was very low normal at 36, Ferritin was 9 and low.  We continued on the VD until her IgG testing was back. 

F/U today: She only had 9 foods on her list (a very low number) but 4 of the top 7 inflammatory foods were on her list. Cow's Milk/Cheese, Bakers/Brewer's Yeast/Oats/Eggs/WHEAT/Bananas/Alfalfa!  Since picking up her results, she has not had ONE headache or stomach ache!! PRAISE GOD and the ability to test patients for food sensitivities!  

She is a different 20 year old than when I first met her!  Working on raising Vit. D and ferritin as well.  

THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO HERE!  Inflammation is the root of these illnesses...and until mainstream medicine figures this like her are going to be shuffled from doctor to doctor trying to figure out the "why"!  

It is not ALWAYS this simple, don't get me wrong!  But, this is a classic case of education is power! And she listened, took charge and made huge lifestyle changes in order to heal her body!!  

Educate, Empower,'s what we are to do as providers!  And if yours is NOT doing that....then find one that will!



Integrative Family Medicine