Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day 2017

Why Can’t We Just Stand Shoulder to Shoulder?
Today, my daughter isn’t allowed to watch the Inauguration at School

For 18 months I have watched, listened and observed angry people share their views on the election, candidates and now ultimately the 45th President of the United States.  I have kept my mouth shut, my pen off of the paper and my hands off of the keyboard purposely.  Not because I am a wimp about what I believe and stand for, but because quite honestly I didn’t have the desire to start a pissing match with people I love, admire and respect for various reasons.  I didn’t delete “friends” from Facebook, Twitter or any social media outlet.  I never once commented on anyone’s opinion.  And clearly opinions are like ass holes right?  We all have one. It’s not that your opinion doesn’t matter, anyone who knows me, knows I love diversity (I talk about diversity all day long and how important it is for our health).  I have had lots of diversity in my life.  From dating women (I would NOT recommend doing that while you are married, no matter how unhappily married you are)! That’s a story for another day though.   To several other controversial things in my life that I am grateful to have had the right to do in this country. 

My heart hurts today for the thousands of children across the country (and Middle TN) that are NOT allowed to watch the 45th President of the United States take the oath of office today. The schools will not allow the inauguration to be viewed.  I had no idea that Ella couldn’t watch it today at Centennial High School in Williamson Co. !!  We were watching Fox News on my computer (we don’t have a TV or cable) this morning and I was discussing the inauguration with her.  She informed me that none of the teachers are allowed to view the inauguration today with their students!  That if students are caught watching on their phones, computers or other devises they would be sent to ISS!!  WHAT THE HECK?  Apparently parents didn’t want their students watching!  THEN KEEP THEM AT HOME AND GIVE THEM A KITTEN, HOT CHOCOLATE, COLORING BOOK OR WHATEVER MAKES THEM DISCONNECT FROM REALITY!  Ella didn’t vote for President Elect Trump, she voted for Jill Stein.  But she understands that HE IS OUR President now. Any inauguration is an historic day.  Only 45 men have ever had the honor of standing up there and taking that oath in front of God and the world.  It is my hope that someday a woman stands there as well.  But for today, she doesn’t. 

I am honored to be an American and living in the greatest country in the world. I  will watch the inauguration today of a man who is an outsider, a rebel, a deal maker and imperfect.  Just like all of us.  I am not throwing the first stone, and I dare anyone else to. There was only one perfect man who walked this earth, and it isn’t any of us.  If you don’t want to watch, that’s your right.  If you want to protest, that too is your right.  It’s your right because we live in a country that you are afforded the privilege to protest, picket and even burn the flag if you so choose without being sentenced to death or imprisoned. And, you are free to move to another country at any moment, if you don’t believe this is the greatest country on earth.  Syria, Aleppo, Haiti, Iraq,  Baghdad would all be great places for you to go and live for a while (or forever) if you are so disgruntled with America. 

If you don’t believe this is the greatest country on earth, then move.  Move to Haiti where I spent 3 weeks after the earthquake in a huge army tent with no running water other than a water hose. Where I witnessed young children die in front of me from lack of medical care, where I delivered babies whose moms walked for hours to the clinic with their own pail to use as a toilet.  Who labored and recovered in a room with others and no sterile instruments, food or running water.  Then walked home or rode a donkey with their babe on their back.  Move to Honduras where I was part of a medical brigade that the people would walk all night to stand in line for hours and hours to get aspirin, lice and parasite medication, vitamins.  Then walk hours and hours home while they had stood in line all day with very little food or water. 

I am honored today to watch the 45th President of the United States be sworn into office.  Yes, I voted for Trump.  Had I voted for anyone else I would still be honored to watch this historic day.  Not because it is Trump.  But because we live in a country that allows us to vote freely, watch freely and protest freely.  If you are boycotting the Inauguration and are in elected office, then in my opinion, you are boycotting America and your constituents.  Shame on you.  But, I acknowledge it is your RIGHT to boycott. 

My candidate did not win 8 years ago and I was shocked he won 4 years ago. I did not protest, march, cause a ruckus or cry like a baby because the man I voted for was elected.  I didn’t need a coloring book, hot chocolate, a kitten or puppy to decrease my anxiety over what just happened. I didn’t see anyone asking Vanderbilt to cancel classes at that time or any university for that matter. I thought college was about learning about diversity, tackling challenges, integrating with other’s opinions and ideals? When President Obama won I embraced him, supported him and went about my life.   
I love my liberal friends, patients and family.  I have four best friends in my life.  The roots, the people that keep me grounded.  3 out of 4 voted for Trump.  I love and admire the 1 that voted for Clinton (and it’s not because she owns a house on the beach).  

I love diversity and my friends and family are more important to me than any election!  Our future depends on us!  You and Me…if you want change then get up and go out and change something.  But, like it or not, Donald J Trump is YOUR next President of the United States.  I feel certain he couldn’t give a rats ass if you like him or not.  He is president, and we are not.  He was voted fairly and squarely (even if he didn’t win the popular vote).  Keep fighting for what you think is right, vote him out in 4 years, move to Aleppo or whatever helps you deal with this very sad day in America according to many on my Facebook feed.  If you have a home and a car..guess what?  You are in the top 1% of wealth in the world!  THE WORLD!  I for one am honored to live here, in this country. 

I am saddened for my SR in High School today, along with the thousands of other children that are not watching the inauguration of our 45th President of the United States.  Shame on us for being so shallow we shelter our children (the future of our world) from what?  From the freedom to watch a man be sworn into office that was elected by us?  Not everyone wins the race, not everyone gets a price, not everyone is a winner, life is hard, life if beautiful, life is not fair sometimes, life is not to be taken for granted.  Buck up buttercup….stop dumbing down this next generation!

God Bless America.  Democrat, Republican, Green Party, Independent or whatever party you choose….CHOOSE being the key word.  We live in a country where we can CHOOSE.  But, my child didn’t get that option today.  I could of kept her home from school, I chose to send her.  Thank God for the ability to watch online when she gets home. 

Congratulations Mr. President, my President, the countries President.  Make us proud, prove those of us wrong that didn’t vote for you.  Keep us safe.  Keep your promises.  

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