Tuesday, August 20, 2013

GMO's and your health! Best video I have seen on this deadly problem!!

This is HANDS DOWN the BEST video I have ever seen on the danger of GMO foods for our health.  Take 18 minutes and watch this very personal story of learning the hard way about GMO foods and food allergies/sensitivities!
As a family NP in an integrative practice, we teach this daily to our practice!  Enjoy and thoughts?



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  1. Fascinating talk. I love these TED talks.
    Although I agree with many of her points, my concern is how the big greedy corporations are always the villain. What about consumer responsibility? Do we really need 40 flavors of yoplait yogurt or 15 varieties of taco shells? If we would reduce our consumption/demand, we could focus on quality vs quantity. We as consumers need to wake up and make some changes.

    Interesting topic indeed.


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