Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A new day, a new journey, a new challenge.....

This is my first attempt at officially blogging. As I am preparing to move back to my home state of KY for my first job out of Nurse Practitioner school, I have decided that this journey my possibly be inspirational to someone down the road.

I made a midlife career change 4 years ago, and have recently graduated as a CNM/FNP. Certified Nurse Midwife and Family Nurse Practitioner. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a job working as a CNM in W. KY. So, as goes most things in my life, I was offered a job in the ER as an NP! I figure my chances of delivering a baby are better in the ER than they are working for any MD in town!!

With that said....I will detail my journey as a single mother of two, at the age of 43 beginning a new career in an environment that is both intellectually stimulating and overwhelming at the same time! I hope you enjoy the blog!


  1. WOW! Doesn't surprise me at all that you would completely switch gears on a moment's notice. ER? Why not! I love it and I love you. And miss you by the way! Good luck with your new journey, I certainly couldn't do ER that's for sure! When do you move?

    Love, Shelley

  2. Welcome to the nurse practitioner blogosphere! I look forward to seeing how your new job goes. I am really surprised that you couldn't find a job in your first love in KY. That would really drive me crazy. Thanks for linking to me. I will update my links this weekend and add you too.


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