Monday, November 16, 2009

One week from today.....

So here I sit in my new tiny, tiny 900sf home I have rented. Most of my boxes are unpacked (not a big deal since the majority of my life is in storage!). I got my daughter up at 5:50 am today to get ready for her first day of school, we got there at 7:00 am and they wouldn't let her start since I had failed to turn in her paperwork last Friday!! Can you imagine? Not taking a child wanting to start school! Well, probably not wanting to, but certainly up and dressed and not happy about being turned away! So, we have had a good day hanging out and getting ready for her second first day at LOMS!!

I went and opened my banking accounts, saw the CPA and found out how much to expect to be paid to Uncle Sam (at least 36%) of my income!! Since I am an "independent contractor" I am self employed and pay more taxes than if I were "employed"! So, one paycheck for bills, one for student loans and one for the IRS!!

One week from today at 6:30 pm I start my first shift as the newest ER NP (with NO ER experience just women's health and family practice). I am a nervous wreck! Words can't even describe the turmoil in my stomach at this time. I pray to God it isn't as traumatic as I am expecting! Looks like I will be on the whole week of Thanksgiving and then off for a week.

Looking forward to next Tuesday making my first official blog entry as an NP!

Oh and did I mention that I have NEVER dictated a thing in my life, and that is ALL you do at the hospital! I am horrified. And must go practice my "speed dictation"!! I pity the transcriptionist at the other end of my dictation the first week or so! My mom has transcribed for 30 plus years, she has told me horror stories of new graduates!

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