Sunday, November 1, 2009

The packing has begun....

Today has been a roller-coaster of emotions as I began packing my basement up to be moved back to Paducah on Wednesday. I have spent the afternoon sifting through a treasure trove of memories from childhood and beyond. Seems like just yesterday that I moved those memories down to Nashville expecting to be here forever!! Plans change don't they?

Since I am now renting a 900sf house, I have decided that unless it is "extremely useful or extremely beautiful" is going in the trash, Goodwill or to storage!! I said that when I moved to my current 1,200sf house in Nashville...and I MEAN it now!! No room for fluff in this new home!

The following post was put on my Facebook today by my nurse midwifery clinical advisor at was exactly what I needed to hear today as I was reluctantly sorting through memories.....

safe trip Dani; look at the Woman you have become in the return trip. Aren't you excited to see what ur being led to with the combination of what u brought down here with you(style, spirituality, courage, hutzpah, joynliving, doula, mother, yoga) & what u add & return with graduate degree, RN,CNM,FNP; more maturity, confidence, matuity in Mothering/hood)etc. The Combination and synergy of these experiences/attributes are bringing you to "a plan you could never imagine." You just watch as you and each of your classmates identify and complete each of your special missions.

Off to take some Ibuprofen for my aching back!!!

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