Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heading to Haiti: February 15, 2010 Please Pray

Dear Friends Family January 20, 2010

I am the passenger in my vehicle as we are speeding down I-24 toward Congressman’s Whitfield’s office to see Andrea P’Pool who is my angel at this point and making sure my passport (that had my married name on it) is taken care of and issued in 2 days. It could have been issued yesterday if I could have driven to Chicago/New Orleans (unfortunately, I had to be home for EK at 3 pm, therefore traveling to Chicago or New Orleans was out of the question)! I feel the need to share what only God could do the past couple of days of my life. Doors and opportunities have simply lined up, ready for me to step through.

As most of you know I lost my job last Wednesday unexpectedly. One day prior to my dismissal, an earthquake devastated Haiti. It was almost immediate that while in my pity party for approximately 24 hours, I felt God tugging on my heart to “get up and go to Haiti”. Just so happens that during a women’s conference this weekend at Heartland Worship Center I felt an overwhelming calling to do as I was being instructed. Not an easy pill for me to swallow, as many of you know: I am not famous for obeying God’s clearly obvious signs he gives me!! I wrangled with the idea and how on earth I could afford it, the children, the student loans that are scheduled to begin February 1, the bills, the inconvenience of leaving, worrying about EK and if she might be ok with me gone, the now necessary job search I must do…..but as God would have it, he gave me one more chance Monday morning at 7:30 am to commit to doing something for others, instead of whining about how unfair my situation was.

The details of what I was doing and whom I was meeting with are not important (actually they are, but in the essence of time, I will leave that information for another time). The bottom line is that after discussing my situation professionally and putting feelers out for a job; I mentioned to Bonnie Schrock, whom if you don’t already know is VP of Patient Services at Western Baptist Hospital here in Paducah, KY; that I have been convicted to go to Haiti but couldn’t figure out how to afford it or even whom to contact……

Fast forward a few hours; my email alerts me that I have an email and an anonymous sponsor is underwriting the cost of the airline tickets to get me to Haiti (no matter how long it takes to get me over there), and on top of that WBH is donating supplies needed for the specific group I would be traveling with. All I needed to do was find a medical team to take me!! If you don’t think God moves mountains….all I did was mention to Bonnie my conviction….God took over from there.

Finding a medical mission team has been extremely difficult that could use me. Who would have imagined? I have now been confirmed to leave with Medical Missionaries. Please see the link:

Dr. Irwin confirmed this morning that I will be leaving February 15 and returning around March 8/9. I don’t have the logistics yet. I will be doing whatever is needed. A surgical team left today.

Therefore in the spirit of giving, U.S. Bank and Susan Ybarzabal have helped me set up an account earmarked only for Haiti Relief. If anyone is interested in donating (no donation is too small), I will have the contact information listed below. Be aware, that the donation is NOT tax deductible, because I am not a (not-for profit organization). Actually I am, but not to the government!! HA! Maybe that is in my future, to run a non-profit relief agency?!….ALL donations will be used for whatever the Medical Missionaries team tells me we need for the Haitians. I wanted to set something up that has a paper trail if anyone ever wanted to see my receipts or donations. If you have a substantial donation and need a tax deduction, then I would suggest donating to Medical Missionaries (the information is on their website) or to the agency of your choice.

I am scared, uncertain, not sure I have the proper clothing and shoes, broken hearted before I even get there (praying to God that he DOES NOT convict me to bring home 4 Haitian babies (one on each hip, back and front)!!!, excited, wondering what in the world have I gotten myself into and overwhelmed by God’s power to open up doors that I am used to kicking in!! How much easier is it when you do as instructed, instead of following your own wants and desires. I have been humbled twice in 7 days. Once in humiliation, the other in God’s Grace…I don’t have to tell you which one is more gratifying. It took me 44 years to listen to the whispers in my heart….

The fury has begun, what I (God has) have accomplished in 48 hours in incredible! Please pray that the date does not change and we are allowed to enter Haiti as planned. I am in the process of taking care of my personal affairs (in case the unthinkable happens). That has been an eye opening experience.

My goal is to raise $5,000 for extra supplies, socks, shoes whatever it is I am told is needed. If you know me at all, you know I am like a dog with a bone when my mind gets set to something!! True North Yoga is going to help me with fundraising as well (check out their Face book page for details).

Below is the contact information for donations. Please don’t’ hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Dani Williamson

Philippians 4:13

U. S. Bank has an account set up under:

Dani Williamson

"Haiti Relief"

Susan Ybarzabal is my banker in charge.

(270) 575-5578

Send donations to the address below, or go to any U.S. Bank branch and make a donation under my name with Haiti Relief in the “Memo” line.

U. S. Bank

333 Broadway

Paducah, KY 42001

Attention: Susan Ybarzabal

Donation to:

Dani Williamson

"Haiti Relief”


  1. Heard this song yesterday and thought of you..."I know you've been here before, I'VE seen your scars, surprise it's too high, what if you fall again, then I'LL fall too. Straigten up, eyes ahead, look for ME. You don't have to be scared, don't look down"
    Love you!!! Amber

  2. Wow! Thanks Amber!! Keep me in your prayers!!


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